A clear, easy process to

achieve your perfect ceremony

Ceremony planning

The first step is to get in touch with Karen and she’ll arrange a short phone or skype/facetime/whatsapp video call. This is so that both you and Karen can introduce yourselves and see if you’re a good match for the ceremony you have in mind!

After booking, you will meet for a planning meeting (usually around 2 hours) where you will run through a questionnaire to help Karen understand your story, your plans and your vision for the wedding. She will give inspiration, advice and her experience to get you thinking. It also importantly serves a great ‘get to know you’ session as you kick off working together on this most important event! You won’t be able to answer everything in the questionnaire straight away; you’ll talk lots over email to firm up details over the next few months. Karen will always be at the end of the phone or email should you want to discuss any element.

Approximately three months before the big day Karen will write the final script, which will go through revisions with you until you’re completely happy.

Two weeks before your wedding this script is finalised. This ensures everyone is fully prepared; your celebrant, your readers, the venue, and you! Two versions are produced; a ‘Working script’ used on the day (think of this like a Director’s copy, with stage cues etc) and also a presentation copy for you to keep.

In the week before the ceremony Karen advises that you have a rehearsal so everyone knows what to expect, this is one of the many benefits to knowing your celebrant before the ceremony itself!

Finally on the big day, Karen will be there early, meet with both of you separately, and see you at the end of the aisle!