Stand out with a humanist ceremony


A humanist ceremony is personalised to you; written to share your love story in a way that’s meaningful for you

  • The key focus is on humanist values; equality, our rights and responsibilities entering into marriage, and our connection with others. In comparison a civil ceremony can feel quite ‘standard’ with only your names inserted into a standard format

  • Free from the format and content fixed by religious or civil ceremonies, you really are free to express your creativity in every element of the wedding.

  • You select and know your celebrant months in advance of the ceremony; working together to create a ceremony that reflects you perfectly. This means having someone (who has been to a lot of weddings!) throughout the build-up to share ideas and ask advice. It also means that the person leading your ceremony, that you see at the end of the aisle, is someone you know.

Your ceremony can be pretty much anything you want it to be; wherever and whenever you want, crafted to incorporate your personalities and ideas.

The ceremony can be as short or long as you would like, depending which elements you’d like to include.

Some couples like to follow a traditional format, exchanging promises, having readings and perhaps singing. Some couples like to include a ritual to visually show their commitment and symbolise their new life together. Popular rituals include lighting candles together and hand ‘fasting’ where a cord is wrapped around both your hands to show your unity.

On the other hand some couples throw the rule-book out of the window and do something completely original! Karen will work with you over the coming months to understand how you feel, what you want to express in the ceremony, and which elements are important to you.

However you choose to celebrate your marriage, Karen will prepare a distinctive, memorable and special ceremony.